Minoxidil Safety

A 1970s Upjohn vasodilator drug designed to treat hypertension caused a side effect that made it really important: hair growth. Not made-up Helsinki Formula, I think I see a hair-type growth, but the real thing. However, uncontrolled all-body growth wasn’t useful, so a topical treatment was created. Worked into your scalp, just like all the snake oils sold for generations, minoxidil actually can make hair grow. Sometimes and for some people. Choose your own studies to determine how well it works, and how that information might apply to you.

Much of what you need to know can be found on Minoxidil Shop.com.

Once you’ve determined the benefits, consider the risks of using minoxidil. We will try to answer many of the most common questions that minoxidil users and potential users often pose about the risks.

For example:

Are the benefits of using minoxidil worth the risks?

We assume you don’t allow websites to make such important decisions for you. But since you asked, minoxidil sales have grown since it was first introduced. Many people believe the benefits are worth the risks. Do you agree? Read on.

Is minoxidil safe for you? Take the test!

As a first step, consider whether you fall into a category of people who should not use minoxidil. 

You may be in such a category unless you can answer “no” to all of the following questions:

◦ Are you allergic to minoxidil or other drugs that cause health reactions?

◦ Have ever had heart, kidney, liver or scalp disease?

◦ Are you taking any medications for high blood pressure?

◦ Will you be experiencing prolonged exposure to sunlight without protective clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen?

◦ Do you have a sunburned or irritated scalp?

◦ Will you use minoxidil more than twice per day?

◦ Are you pregnant, or do you plan to become pregnant while using minoxidil?

◦ Are you breastfeeding?

◦ If already using minoxidil, have you experienced any side effects or allergic reactions?

◦ Are you willing to continue using minoxidil indefinitely?

◦ Do you have a pet cat or rat that may be exposed to the minoxidil?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you definitely are at risk according to minoxidil medical literature. Without a physician’s (or veterinarian’s) approval, you should not use minoxidil. And, again, even if you answered “no” to all the questions, you still must decide if minoxidil is safe for you.

More Information

Minoxidil Safety.com offers more information, including:

More about the risks and side effects of minoxidil;

General facts about minoxidil;

Final decisions before using minoxidil, including what to buy (and where);

A link to Minoxidil Shop.com.

The fine print

Minoxidil is used by millions of people. Many find it effective for hair growth and either have no adverse reactions, or the effects are manageable according to their own criteria. You should not take begin using minoxidil without considering all the risks and the potential rewards.

Any of the information on this website should not be construed as encouraging the use of minoxidil, or providing health advice that can be acted upon without a doctor’s supervision. Please check with your physician before taking any drug, including minoxidil.

Is minoxidil safe to use? Only you can make that decision, after researching the subject thoroughly and checking with your doctor.


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