What to Buy

So You’ve Decided to Use Minoxidil

Congratulations! While those weird Bosley guys are taking showers, you’ll be out getting dates with your real hair, thanks to minoxidil. But before you start making appointments with your stylist, a few more decisions await.

2% or 5%?

The higher 5% concentration of minoxidil (“extra strength”) is more effective for men than the regular 2% solution, as shown by clinical studies. Extra strength is not proven to be more effective for women.

Regular or nano particle?

According to the manufacturer, the nano-sized molecules of Spectral DNC and DNC-L allow the minoxidil to be absorbed into your scalp more successfully. Is this effect worth the much higher price? Only you and your wallet can make that call.

Liquid or foam?

Foam is more convenient to use than the liquid preparations, but this limits your choice to Rogaine, which is more expensive than the generic liquids. Will the cost/benefit analyses never cease?

Rogaine or generic?

If you’re a brand name type of person, then stick with Rogaine, the original name for minoxidil. But if you are a more logical decision-maker, taking advantage of the large price breaks offered by generic liquid minoxidil will save you hundreds of dollars over a year. Unless you’re using foam, buy the generic and spend the money on a brand that confers actual status.

Where to Buy Minoxidil

Minoxidil Shop.com is the place to find all the information you need about Rogaine and generic minoxidil, and to purchase what you need. Here are the products you will find on Minoxidil Shop.com.

Kirkland 5% generic minoxidil: 6 months supply

Extra strength Rogaine foam: 4 months supply

Women’s Rogaine: 3 month supply